Being alive and autistic !!!

Fundraising - Goal: $2,000

Support Mathieu’s Fabulous Destiny !!!
Yes, Being Alive and Autistic !!!

Discover my vision and dreams through my world!!!
Share and experience Mathieu’s challenges of power and powerlessness in his everyday life!!!!

With the help of the author, Raymond Bernard, Mathieu wants to make one of his dreams come true: to write the book of his life, to be published in French, English and Spanish!
As a human being in the world of autism!!!!
What an extraordinary life of paradoxes in the fabulous, never-ending world of Mathieu, autistic and alive!!!!
‘I want to be a catalyst of change for generations to come,’ says Mathieu with conviction and authenticity.
Mathieu’s message: ‘Together, we can all be powerful catalysts’.
Her words and actions have a powerful impact, showing us how we can all ‘make a difference’ in another life, every day.
For every $50 donation, we reserve a pre-ordered book as a gift for the donor.
The total socio-financing objective is to raise $50,000. Any amount not used to cover the cost of the book will be donated in its entirety to the Fondation Internationale Métamorphose Libellule, with the aim of accompanying and supporting people experiencing feelings of powerlessness or bereavement.
We’ve only got 24 hours to live, what are we going to do with them?
Thank you for being part of the realisation of the story of his life!!!

Together, we can do anything!

6 June 2024: 6pm to 8pm

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